Located within the historic precinct of King’s College, Auckland, New Zealand, with its established reputation for educational excellence, King’s College Conservatorium of Music offers comprehensive programmes of study in the European tradition of music education. Founded on the ethos that ‘music is a practical art’ that is handed down from one generation of artist-musicians to the next, each student learns through meaningful musical experiences that aim at performance excellence and the holistic development of each student’s individual musical identity. The best of the European tradition of ‘learning by playing’ is seamlessly blended with a diverse set of interactive forums with staff, visiting artists, pedagogues and industry experts to prepare our students for the requirements of contemporary international music careers.


Teaching philosophy

King’s College Conservatorium of Music is founded on the dynamic principle of ‘learning by playing’. For those with exceptional ability, an environment of ‘musical life-experience’ is required from the earliest possible age to nurture both talent and potential into flourishing professional careers. To achieve this aim, the Conservatorium learning experience is an inherently social undertaking with each young musician welcomed into a unique family of exceptional students, artists and teachers. Rather than the fragmentation of practical, technical, theoretical, historical and musicological facets common to most contemporary music education offerings, the development of young musicians at the Conservatorium takes place in a fully supportive environment of blended learning in the European ‘conservatoire’ tradition. For all who are associated with this responsibility, music is recognised as a unique aspect of human interaction with the capacity to forge social relationships and to transform both individuals and communities of people.

Indeed, we believe at King’s College Conservatorium of Music that ‘living a musical life is to live life’ to its full potential.


Professor Emeritus Uwe Grodd | Director

It is my great privilege to welcome students and parents into the King’s College Conservatorium of Music family. Alongside my career as a conductor and flautist, it has been my lifelong quest to nurture talented young players and conductors into well-rounded musicians. It is an incomparable honour to witness the blossoming of promise into excellence as young students develop over time into creative and confident young artists. At King’s College Conservatorium, we bring together a dedicated community of highly experienced, like-minded artist-teachers and music industry experts to realise our vision of a comprehensive contemporary learning experience in the European tradition. We offer full and part scholarships to all those who can demonstrate talent and potential to grow.

I fervently believe that the Conservatorium provides the springboard that will enable our promising young artists the best opportunities for pursuing musical careers at the international level. We have a passion for our vocation to nurture students to attain excellence as musicians, but we also believe that ‘the Conservatorium approach’ produces outstanding young people with the capacity to enrich the lives of others


Why we need King’s College Conservatorium

The pathway to attain entry into the most respected performance music programmes in Europe, the United Kingdom, and North America requires both academic and performance excellence. New Zealand provides excellent academic foundations at both secondary and tertiary level. In addition to academic skills, however, our best young musicians require dedicated supplementary tutoring, guidance and experience in ‘the practical art of performance’ with continuity from the earliest age. Like high-performance athletes, musicians flourish in an environment committed to high achievement with like-minded individuals and mentors. Success is ultimately reliant on the practical ability to perform in music examinations, competitions and auditions.

Through a comprehensive ‘practice-based’ curriculum, we will assist, advise, and prepare you to attend European masterclasses, individual lessons, as well as auditions and competitions. King’s College Conservatorium is the ideal springboard for making international connections with a vast, well-established network of performers and academic institutions. Our expert members of staff have individual connections in numerous major international centres to facilitate an introduction for you.