Teaching Philosophy

King’s College Conservatorium of Music is founded on the dynamic principle of ‘learning by playing’. For those with exceptional ability, an environment of ‘musical life-experience’ is required from the earliest possible age to nurture both talent and potential into flourishing professional careers.

To achieve this aim, the Conservatorium learning experience is an inherently social undertaking with each young musician welcomed into a unique family of exceptional students, artists and teachers.

Rather than the fragmentation of practical, technical, theoretical, historical and musicological facets common to most contemporary music education offerings, the development of young musicians at the Conservatorium takes place in a fully supportive environment of blended learning in the European ‘conservatoire’ tradition.

For all who are associated with this responsibility, music is recognised as a unique aspect of human interaction with the capacity to forge social relationships and to transform both individuals and communities of people.

Indeed, we believe at King’s College Conservatorium of Music that ‘living a musical life is to live life’ to its full potential.