The primary focus at the heart of our curriculum is excellence in the art of music performance. Students are paired with our esteemed artist-musicians for the finest individual tuition to develop their talent and potential through the philosophy of ‘learning by playing’.

Individual tuition

  • 1.5 hours weekly for 32 weeks
  • 48 hours per year.
  • This is undertaken with the staff member associated with your chosen instrument or programme of tuition and study.

Second instrument tuition

  • 30 minutes weekly for 24 weeks.
  • Piano tuition is essential for all instrumental players.
  • Tuition on a second instrument is essential for pianists and organists.
  • Conductors will take additional tuition in score-reading on piano.

Chamber music coaching

Chamber music groups will be formed according to the range of instruments and abilities of enrolled students. These groups may include staff members and invited professional players to broaden performance opportunities and the diversity of students’ playing, repertoire, and experiences.

In support of the teaching practice of ‘learning by playing’, students will also receive:

  • Musicianship and aural training*
  • Music language and theory tuition tailored to meet individual requirements, including:
    • harmony, counterpoint, score reading, analysis etc.*
  • Music History
    Includes both historical and genre survey approaches linked to students’ repertoire, and repertoire being performed in concerts in Auckland
  • Regular audio and video recording sessions with feedback provided in the performance forum.
  • Musician’s Health:
    • Physical and mental well-being
    • Feldenkrais Method
  • Music Industry Classes – The Business of Music
  • Writing for Musicians

*Individual and small group lessons will be provided in addition to our regular forums.